What do Christine’s DUI clients say about her?

DUI Testimonials:

“I was arrested over a year ago for DUI in Gwinnett County. Throughout the duration of my case Christine was open and honest. She assured me of her successful track record, but made no promises of a favorable outcome. Her staff was gracious and respectful to me at all times. My case was later reduced to Reckless Driving. I will recommend Christine to anyone needing legal representation. Her professionalism and results are outstanding!!”

“I had a car accident and was accused of a DUI! Christine and her staff helped me to prove that this was a wrongful prosecution. Another attorney wanted me to plead guilty to a reckless driving charge. Christine got everything attended to with no fine and nothing on my record. She and her staff were superb!!”

“Christine handled a case for my grandson who was facing dubious DUI charges in Fulton County. As a result of Christine representing him, the case was dropped.”

“I will recommend Christine A. Koehler to anyone in need of a DUI attorney. She and her office were very helpful with my case.”

“I was arrested and detained over a year ago for DUI in Gwinnett County. After careful research, I chose Christine to represent me due to her reputation and proximity to the Justice Center. I retained her immediately after the initial consultation. While she was optimistic throughout, she and her staff never misled me or made false promises regarding potential outcomes. DUI is a serious offense with potentially serious repercussions. I was constantly kept abreast of new developments, and treated with empathy and respect the entire time.

“For the original fee she quoted, Christine saw my case from inception to court; she filed motions and ultimately had the case dismissed in one of the toughest courts in Gwinnett County, due to her careful research and presentation. I would highly recommend Christine to anyone requiring defense in a criminal case. She is superb!”